Summer Breeze

May 5, 2020Pet Health0 comments

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Keep it fresh this summer with a garden dooup

Wake up and smell the roses! Why wouldn’t you have a dooup? You have a hoover for inside your house, right? You flush the toilet after use, right? Well then it makes logical sense to start clearing and sanitising your garden – after all, you lounge, dine and maybe children even play in your garden!


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Front shot

Picture this – it’s a lovely summers’ eve, you’re just back from work and want to dine in the garden. Friends are arriving, drinks are being poured. Your garden is basked in sunshine, ready for some lovely chill time…BUT, there’s a few dog poos dotted around and despite the fresh summer breeze, you can still whiff a dog poo smell. Not ideal for dining and entertaining, right? However, your dooup is sitting poised and ready by the shed. You grab it and take to the first deposit, push the lever down and then up to remove the offending item in a second. A mist of sanitiser now glistens in the sunshine telling you that you’ve not only eliminated a nasty sight but you’ve removed the bacteria from the area, making it safe for lounging. Deposits two and three are just as easy to remove. Maybe you needed a couple of extra pushes for the third because it was a bit more dried in than usual. But within minutes, your garden is clear and clean and ready for enjoying. You even managed this while sipping a cold beverage too! Priceless. Order yours today to receive the best daily garden tool you’ll ever own.

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