The dog poo bag conundrum

May 5, 2020Pet Health0 comments

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Ready to hear about a new way to pick up dog poop

This article touches on:


Old fashion scoops


Primitive approach to clearing dog waste


The latest technology to deal with this daily chore


The 5 in 1 pooper scooper setting new standards of hygiene

Garden gadget

Is picking up dog poo devices still in the dark ages?

It’s normal because there has not been a good enough alternative presented to dog owners. Pooper scoopers have only ever been a glorified type of grabber or scoop that quite often, makes a simple job a tad more cumbersome. As a result, the process of clearing dog waste is still very primitive.


As inventors of a product that is the first of its kind – clearing, sanitising, storing and sealing away dog waste – all in one, we assumed this would be an easy product to market. However, like the washing machine when it was first introduced, people liked the idea but didn’t see it as a necessity while their washboards were so accessible. Even video footage showing how the dooup saves time, bags and keeps the lawn safe and clean for all to enjoy, isn’t always enough to convert people. Take a look at the dooup in action here

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