A little instruction and practice makes perfect!

The Complete Pet Waste Clearer User Guide Video

We recommend you watch this 5 minute video to get a good overview on how to set up, use and maintain your garden dooup.

Below are a set of shorter individual videos to assist you with specific elements of using the dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer.

Inserting the Self-sealing Bags

The usual pooper scooper requires a new bag each time, even the ones that can collect multiple amounts. The dooup is designed to enable you to store the waste in the collection chamber over time. This not only saves you the time it takes to remove and replace after each trip around the garden but it will also save on the use of bags overall. By using a bag per day, that’s 365 bags per year! Upgrading your poop clearing device to a dooup will mean approx 50 to 60 bags will be used per year and that’s a big difference to the environment. (This is based on average use with one medium sized dog). Please note that by tilting the dooup back and shaking a little each time, more waste can be collected and stored.

Adding the Sanitising Fluid

Without boring you with the science part…consider this – why wouldn’t you want to sanitise after ever dog poop deposit? It’s left in your garden, where you perhaps wander around in slippers or bare feet, and then wander back into your house. You probably own a hoover and a mop for the inside of your house, so why not upgrade your garden by using an easy pooper scooper that automatically sprays the affected area with a garden friendly, sanitising spray that helps to kill the bacteria and parasites that would otherwise remain active on your lawn for a year? Brand dooup is about logical innovation to promote the well-being of people and animals living together.

Key User Tecnniques

Though The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is designed to be easy to use, there is still a need for reading instructions and watching the support videos. We recommend practising with an old potato first, just to ‘get the knack’ before you use it with real dog poo for the first time. There is nothing quite like The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer, so why should you expect it to work perfectly the first time. One of our customers claims that she can use it perfectly every time but her husband often struggles. In other words, you can use it the wrong way and not realise it. But for those that have mastered it, it’s the best garden gadget they’ve ever bought!

Clearing From Long and Thick Grass

Though the dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is designed to work with all terrains, we can confirm that it clears best from grass. Even long grass (when you understand the technique required for long grass). Soft and runny waste can be lifted effectively by the scoop working with the ‘give’ of the grass to get underneath to flick everything into the collection chamber. Of course, the more times the lever is pushed, more spray is dispersed and this works well with the consistency of the grass to clear and clean the area of dog poo. Often residue dog waste can be left behind which is unseen by the eye but the sanitiser works to kill any harmful bacteria and parasites that would otherwise remain active in soil for up to a year.

Clearing Soft Waste and Vommit

If very soft or runny, we recommend pushing the lever several times and re-positioning from different angles to achieve 100% clearance. If your dog’s waste is often soft, it is well worth looking into methods for hardening the poo, since soft waste is often a sign Dog poo can be dangerous, so effective clearance is a must. The built in sanitiser will work to prevent the spread of those harmful bacteria and parasites that would remain active in soil for approximately a year. Different garden terrains will require different techniques with the dooup in order to achieve 100% dog waste clearance from the garden.