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Scoop, Store and Spray Technology

Ready for Global Launch

Patented ‘scoop-flush technology’ represents a much-needed progression for clearing animal waste and other forms of hazardous waste from gardens worldwide.

Positioned as a ‘must have’, convenient garden gadget to ease daily clearance of hazardous waste, the concept provides a contactless and comprehensive solution for yard lovers everywhere.

As more countries regard residential outside space as an extension of the home, this technology will be a welcomed addition to the existing range of standard household tools.


The lead product requires using yard-friendly sanitising fluid and bespoke self-sealing bags to allow contactless sealing upon removing the collection chamber.

There is a patent secured for a docking station along with ‘scoop-flush technology’, making this product the only product in the world that can simultaneously spray the affected area while clearing waste into a collection chamber. The concept is well-positioned to use this ongoing organic waste source, perhaps using anaerobic digestion to turn animal waste into usable energy.

Commercial units could be designed for use in public areas, but ultimately, scoop flush technology is not confined to animal waste clearance. We welcome any enquires. Please email info@thedooup.com