A logical garden pooper scooper

to clear, sanitise, store and seal-away


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An all in 1 pooper scooper

A Comprehensive Garden Waste Clearer

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Clears from multiple terrains

A great way to clear your garden in a matter of seconds, with a simple push action that also sanitises the area

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Tilt back each time to store more

For a medium-sized breed, you can collect up to a week's worth!

Self sealing pooper scooper
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Self-sealing bag

Never get close to poop again with the innovative self-sealing bag system.

The Handy Garden Gadget with Patented Scoop-Flush Technology


There have been many different types of scoop and grabber devices available but none, not even the ‘Poover’ types can clear as effectively and hygienically as The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer.

The dooup, with its’ patented scoop-flush technology relies on a simple push of the lever. Made with robust plastic and zero need for power, this handy gadget can be left outside in all types of weather and used daily to clear and sanitise gardens after the deposit of animal waste.

The waste is quickly and effectively transferred to the collection chamber while the affected area is simultaneously sprayed with a garden-friendly sanitising fluid to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and parasites into the environment, and more obviously, prevent germs from being trodden into your home.

The dooup is the only pooper scooper in the world that leaves your garden safe for all to enjoy while helping to reduce the ‘Pet Poo Print’ and saving bags and time.

A New Innovation in Cleaning Equipment for the Garden

There are millions of bacteria and parasites in dog and stray waste and these can remain active and harmful in soil for up to a year! It seems odd that the sanitising feature has been ignored until now.

The dooup sprays a garden friendly cleaner over the affacted area providing a safe enviornment for all to enjoy. Our gardens are a place children play and yet a regular toilet for our pets as well as stray animal waste. The dooup is a much-awaited, logical innovation that provides an easy way to clear, sanitise, store and seal-away hazardous garden waste. Save time, bags and your back. 

The dooup sanitising to keep people safe

Our pooper scooping story

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Maface Solutions are a small UK family business incorporated in 2012 to introduce a new and improved way to clear animal waste from gardens. Brother and sister team convinced their father to invent a gadget that would sanitise while clearing the waste.

 As children, they were aware that the family lawn was frequently used as a toilet by their dogs which concerned them when playing football or doing cartwheels. In a world where there’s a gadget for everything, surely their patented ‘scoop-flush technology’ would be a much-awaited innovation for dog owners with gardens.