The Garden Pooper Scooper that Clears, Sanitises, Stores and Seals Away

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The Best Dog Pooper Scooper for Your Garden

Perfect pooper scooper


Place the dooup over the waste =out of sight and zero smell

Perfect pooper scooper


Store up to a weeks worth of poop before needing to change the bag


Perfect pooper scooper


Clear soft and solid waste from most terrains

Perfect pooper scooper

Seal away

A self-sealing bag system ensures you never get close to the waste again

Perfect pooper scooper


Spray garden friendly sanitiser over the affected area

Real poo, tough terrains - gone in 60 seconds (see it in action)

The dooup in action on a community clear up day

The dooup was put through its paces during a community clear up day in Ledbury, Herefordshire, UK.

Most of the dog poop clearance was achieved with a single push of the lever, though trickier terrains required repositioning and a few extra pushes, delivering extra sanitising fluid to the affected area with each push.

This was beneficial when cleaning dog waste left in public parks where children play!

“Now that I’ve had the dooup for about a week or so I would like to say what a brilliant piece of kit it is. I have a large garden and 2 dogs and the dooup is the answer to my prayers. It does exactly what is says in the literature and I soon got the knack of it.”

Ross Williams (USA)

“We have a small dog and the dooup manages to clear all his waste from the garden without any problems. No more windy days walking around the garden with a stinking, flapping carrier bag needing 2 pairs of hands to do the job of clearing up the waste!”


Phillip Coppell (UK)

“Received today, cleared up easily after my 2. Potentially the best invention known to dog owners! Can’t wait for the weather to warm up and the kids can now play safely on the grass. I wish I had found this product earlier”

Helen Rancho (Canada)

Pooper Scooper

The dooup pooper scooper is a natural paw forward in pet hygiene.

It’s about time there was a comprehensive solution for clearing dog and stray animal waste from the home environment. The sanitising feature works to prevent the spread of bacteria and parasites present and active in dog and stray animal waste.

This makes the garden safe for all users, particularly children who tend to play regularly where pets and stray animals poo.


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