Is Your Dog Overweight?

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Feeling the extra pounds after Christmas?

Even Dogs Need to Watch their Diet

The beginning of a new year usually equals lots of new rules. After a crazy Christmas without limits, we seem to want to set ourselves lots of goals that are supposed to make us live healthier and more proactive lives.

It’s no different for our furry friends. We want them to enjoy a new start too. So on top of the additional walks (because of the plan to exercise more), it makes sense to tweak the diet too, right? So here are some tips on healthy, handy treats..


New Year New Doggy Diet


Dog Treats to Avoid


Best Ingredients for Dogs


Healthy Options for Dogs

always tilt dooup back

Dog Diet for Best Performance

Some modern dog training schools insist food is the way forward. To select foods that are taken from the daily ration of food. Of course, this is easy to do if your pooch is on the kibble, but a lot more tricky if they’re on a raw or wet food diet.

We’ve found that making treats out of tiny cubes of cheese, toast, veg or even chunks from firm roast meat works well. If this doesn’t work with your routine then we can recommend a few ready-made tried and tested options.

Natural is the obvious choice for health and if you’re strapped for time, Soft-Baked Naturals from Hills Ideal Balance boast their main ingredient as real beef. They are grain, corn, wheat, soy and artificial preservative-free and neither do they contain colour or added flavourings. Bam – your answer to healthy, easy training snacks.

Limited Ingredient Dog Treats by Natural Balance also have no artificial colours, or preservatives and have a great crunchy texture which makes it easier to give them as treats. With six choices to choose from and the option to bulk buy, this could be your easy go-to treat!

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Treats are high in protein, so if this is of importance, a real plus for the treat section of your dooup walk-ease pack – take a look at how this amazing dog walking product can make your life easier.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals come with good reviews from Amazon, though they cannot be put in the same category as the above since they do not contain high-quality ingredients or real meat.

Coaches are another popular option and ideal for positive reinforcement training sessions. These ARE. free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavourings.

So, when considering treats, remember that training treats are divided into two categories;

One- your dog finds it rewarding and can eat in considerable quantity throughout daily training sessions.

Two – they are of high value to your pooch, and therefore given on rare occasions as they aren’t an integral part of their diet.

Part of a healthy and happy lifestyle is definitely dealing with the everyday necessary chores in a way that is efficient and effective and in a way that doesn’t cause stress or steal time from our busy daily lives.

We promote responsible clearance of dog waste, both from the garden and while on your daily walks. We’ve invented two products to help you do that. Take a look and decide if one or both will add value to your life. We are confident they will.

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