The most advanced pooper scooper in the world

Will it work in my garden?

With the right technique, the dooup will clear from all types of lawn. The best kind is short grass and artificial grass. When clearing from long and thick grass, it is best to tilt the lever slightly back before pushing and lifting in one swift, firm motion. This is demonstrated on the support video.


We do not recommend buying a dooup if you will be using it on very uneven surfaces!

Will the sanitiser damage my lawn?

Grass types vary considerably; however, the sanitising fluid is PH neutral and of a low toxicity. It does not burn, poison or cause damage. It is effective against preventing the spread of bacteria and parasites


Repetition tests have been carried out on various grass samples with no negative effects found.

How will I know when to replace the bag?

For one small dog (based on depositing once per day in the garden), we estimate around 7-10 days’ worth of waste can be stored before the bag will need replacing. For one medium sized dog, 5-7 days and for large, around 3-5 days. With more dogs, this will be reduced further.

A complimentary pack of 20 self-sealing bags are included with every dooup Starter Pack which will enable you to monitor how many collections you achieve before needing to replace the bag.

When your dooup stops collecting, it is usually because there is no room left in the collection chamber.

TIP: We advise tilting the dooup back after each collection and giving it a little shake before lifting away. This will create more space in the chamber.

Is it heavy?

The dooup has been designed specifically for the garden, to ensure easiness as well as hygiene in your personal, outdoor space. It is light enough to carry around the garden but remember to keep it tilting back when carrying to the next target.

It weighs approximately 4 kilograms but with waste added each time and with the sanitiser added, it will increase.

Can I use The dooup on long grass?

Yes, the dooup can clear from very long and thich grass but there is a certain technique required. This is demonstrated on our support video.

As with most new gadgets, it’s easy when you know how.

If jamming occurs, tilt the lever back slightly before pushing down and pulling up in one swift motion (this is fully demonstrated).

Who makes the dooup?

We are a small family business based in the UK. We invented scoop-flush technology to clear garden waste such as pet and stray animal waste more efficiently and hygienically.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@thedooup.com

What if I need to return my garden dooup?

Please first email us at sales@thedooup.com and provide us with as much information about why you need to return it. We find your feedback very useful.

Very occasionally the dooup hasn’t worked well due to a challenging garden terrain or waste consistency.

Please clean the product thoroughly (refer to the cleaning advice on the support video)

Place it in the original box provided with at least 18 of the self sealing bags. Please include a note with your name and order number.

We do not provide return postage. We recommend a low cost courier such as MyHermes or CollectPlus.

Upon receipt of a clean product, we will refund the price of the product back into the original payment account.

Will The dooup work on shingle?

When using with shingle, it is best to push lightly down on the lever to avoid collecting the stones along with the waste. We recommend watching the support video for tips.

Where should I keep my dooup?

The dooup is made of robust plastic which means it can be left outside, in all kinds of weather. The sanitising fluid is dispersed during clearance and helps to keep the scoop edge clear, so the odour will be at a minimum if you need to keep it in a shed.

We do not recommend bringing the dooup inside your home. We strongly recommend keeping it out of reach of small children.

The sanitiser may freeze during very cold winters, so it is best to leave empty during this time. If needed, use a small amount during use and then empty the fluid chamber before leaving for any duration.

What if my dog's waste is soft or runny?

The dooup is capable of clearing soft and runny waste from grass but this will require extra pushing of the lever and some repositioning of the dooup from different angles to achieve good clearance.

If using on flat surfaces it is likely that extra tools may be required such as a hose or brush. The dooup works best on grass and artificial grass when dealing with soft and runny waste. If your garden is mainly concrete or decking and your dog regularly leaves soft/runny waste, we don’t recommend you purchase a dooup.