You learn so much from your first..


Because 'Firsts' are Important, and customers are no exception.

When you launch a business - any business, those first impressions you make will help you understand the positives and negatives of that product or service.

First experiences are always going to provide the most information and we know this works on a personal level too. When insight is required - refer back to that first time..

We did just that. Recently - we looked back at our first customers to learn about their experiences with their dooups.

For us, a new product that offered a very new concept was always going to bring about some interesting lessons. But like most inventors, we fell in love with our product.

We knew it inside-out

The process of assembling that very first batch in our first and only warehouse, back in 2012, meant we knew exactly which part fitted to what and how each part depended on the other to enable a smooth operation.

This also meant we were experts in using it. That's how it should be, right?

But that's why the customer is so important. Their feedback is crucial to its' success. You can't be the inventor and the customer - you're too close to see what you really need to see.

Like most 'first love' situations, we were blinded by its' potential faults. We couldn't relate to how it would be perceived by those not familiar with the concept. Why should we expect them to just know that by pushing down and up in one swift motion would mean the target could be lifted and flicked more easily?

Our early user instructions did little to assist customers back then. The dooup became a 'marmite product' - some loved it and some hated it. When observing new customers or those using at a show, we noticed that some wouldn't even pick up the instruction leaflet and yet, it was love at first push of the lever!

Others would study the diagrams but apply the wrong technique and immediately lose faith when it failed to clear the target.

We hit the breaks

We began observing different customers and revisited our user instructions. We wanted to find out what our customers loved about the product and even watched them using their dooups.

Some were applying the wrong techniques but had still mastered the first push clearance magic - in fact, I decided to put together a brief video of some of our happy customers and their 'take' on why a dooup was important to them.

It was interesting to see that none of them used the dooup as per the support video we provided. When we look back on these amazing customers, we know we have a lot to thank them for. We learned so much from them. Maybe the customer is not always right but their wrongs can be the all important lessons we need to ensure we get it right.

Thank you 'Firsts'!