What is the best way to clear dog poo in the garden?


A dooup garden pooper scooper is the only gadget in the world with clearing and sanitising features. But most importantly, it clears all types of waste effortlessly from grass into a collection chamber, storing around a weeks' worth before the bag inside auto seals upon removal of the chamber.

This makes it the only contactless pooper scooper in the world and the most useful garden tool you'll ever own. ​

A Toilet and a Garden?

It is the only garden pooper scooper in the world that automatically sanitises the affected area, keeping your garden safe and clean for all to use.

If you have small children or like to wander barefoot in your garden, the sanitising feature is a huge benefit.

The self-sealing bag feature is another great benefit, and works to keep the entire process contactless. Storing multiple amounts means you can grab each day and collect more until the chamber is full. The reduction of bag use is a great green credential, along with helping to prevent the spread of bacteria into storm drains.

If you have a dog or your garden is used as a toilet by stray/wild animals, then you will appreciate this all in one, handy tool. It can be left outside (away from small children) and grabbed daily to clear and sanitise the affected area. The sanitising spray will also help to keep the contact part of the tool clean and ready to use each time.

Easy, convenient, hygienic..

and pro environment (helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and parasites and saving plastic bag use), the dooup is a no brainer.

Did you know?

There are approximately 250 million bacteria in dog waste.

The average dog owner with 1 dog will reduce their plastic bag use for clearing pet waste by at least 25%

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Other options are your trusty garden shovel or the various grabbers and scoopers on the market. These may require a manual process to transfer the waste into a bag - thus using a bag for each collection.

These options do not include a sanitising feature which is extremely useful for preventing the spread of bacteria and parasites. Who wouldn't want to sanitise their lawn after dog poo has been there?

So, the choice is yours - THIS...