easter garden games and egg hunts


If you have little ones, an Easter Egg Hunt is an absolute must! If you have furry ones too, then you'll be needing to do a rather important job before the Easter Bunny can hide those eggs, right?

So get yourself a dooup this Easter and enjoy garden fun without the hassle of using a shovel and bag to clear the poop.

Spring and Summer mean bare hands and feet sharing that same space with the constant deposits that your pooch will make on a daily basis.

The dooup will clear and sanitise the affected area in seconds, while storing the waste and later, self-sealing the bag inside, for easy and hygienic disposal.

Skip the egg this year, and ask for a dooup instead!

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Our traditional dooup Easter always includes some doo shaped chocolate cake. We try and keep it healthy and use an aubergine and dark chocolate recipe, saving a few calories for those all important eggs!

Easter is the perfect time for dooup competitions. Use all kinds of things to make pretend doo. Scatter around the lawn, then see who can clear in the fastest time.

The best time to do this is when your dooup first arrives. It gives you the perfect opportunity to have some fun with your clean dooup and get some all important practice, so that when it comes to real life doo clearing - you'll get it in the bag first time!

Treat yourself to some good, clean, family fun this Easter. Extend the egg hunt festivities by creating a fun doo clearing game. Who will be the dooup champion?

Don't forget to send your videos to info@thedooup.com and we'll share them on our Facebook page.

This all makes for some great spring/summer fun. And what better way to get you clearing the garden on a daily basis. The kids will be arguing over whose turn it is!

But, in all seriousness, the issue of dog waste with its' 23 million bacteria and parasites, is not to be sniffed at!

With lockdown easing, getting together with friends and family is an exciting prospect but we all know that that means lots of garden time. Now, more than ever, it's important to keep your lawn clear and clean from any harmful bacteria. With bare feet, hands and various paws exploring, the sanitising feature of The dooup is an important benefit of this daily garden gadget.

The time saving, effortless clearing process will keep you on top of pet and stray animal waste clearance. It'll even work with rotting fruit, dead rodents and many other garden nasties you might find.

See The dooup in action, clearing real dog poo AND from tough terrains, on our garden page, here.