Time to chew it over?

Let's keep the damage at home to a minimum

We find that to resolve an issue, we must first understand why it is happening. Most people recognise that a desire to chew is a normal puppy stage of development. However, it's never nice to find your valuable possessions in tatters, or your home looking like it's been invaded by a pack of wolves. The reasons are mostly obvious but some are surprising...

- Teething

- Retrieving Instincts

- Boredom

- Anxiety and Stress

- Relaxation

- Habit

I suppose the only two interesting reasons would be relaxation and retrieving instincts. However, it's true that some people enjoy chewing gum to relax and in the end, dogs are hunters and therefore, finding things and ripping them apart is part of their generic heritage.

Though it is understandable when young, as an older dog, constant chewing could be a sign that something is wrong and some adjustments might be required in their routine. After around two when a dog has sufficient company and mental stimulation, chewing should come to a stop.

Touching on the 'retrieving instincts' of a dog - this is often referred as 'mouthiness'. This means that a dog uses their mouth more than others - licking, carrying things around with their mouth etc, so when you add boredom into the equation, they are likely to make a serious habit of chewing regularly.

Separation anxiety - being left by owners is an obvious trigger and those that chew to relax, this once again stems from the fact that dogs were bred to enjoy having things in their mouth.

So, to prevent destruction;

- remove causes = more exercise, don't leave alone for long amounts of time

- redirect the chewing = find something that isn't a toy, that you don't mind being destroyed and/or using toys that you dip in tasty flavours

- break the habit = put shoes, bags away and block access to sofas when pooch is alone.

Is this the worst thing about having a dog?

There aren't many cons to having a dog in the house but chewing can be a game changer for some. Doggy smell in the house can be off- putting but like most smells, you will likely get used to it - even if your guests don't. We'll look into best ways to deal with that in later posts.

Of course, we are about making life easier with dogs, and our dooup products definitely make it easier and more hygienic with the 5 in 1 garden gadget to clear and spray the affected area in seconds and the dooup walk-ease providing a convenient, discreet way to clear and store the poo while out on walks.