Clean and green living are the future, that’s why we created The dooup for easy cleaning and the prevention of harmful bacteria spreading, not only throughout your garden and into your home but potentially polluting storm drains, waterways and aquatic life.

Scientists have produced methods for tracking the origin of nasty bacteria in streams and seawater and the high levels of bacteria raised due to dog waste include E.coli, fecal coliform bacteria, salmonella and giardia – all things we don’t want in our gardens and wouldn’t be happy to spread around either. Now, it’s so easy not to with The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer.

Starting with the home and garden, the dooup is the only pooper scooper to scoop the poop while spraying the affected area, then storing multiple amounts and automatically bagging it for safe, contactless disposal.

Dog owners are said to live healthier lives than those without pooches, perhaps due to the walks and the unconditional love that goes with owning a dog. The only downside can be removed with this handy garden gadget; an all in one pooper scooper that works to clear dog waste, spray garden/environmentally friendly sanitising fluid, store approx. a week’s worth before sealing it all away, providing a complete and contact-less experience for an unpleasant daily chore.

Spring into the future with the best garden gadget ever – The dooup! Watch it in action here