From garden shovel to robo scooper..

Ok - you guessed it - unlikely, right? Well, actually, we are looking to upgrade our technology, one day soon - but not to a scary looking demon dooup as pictured. You have been April Fooled!!

The dooup is the first and only pooper scooper for the garden to provide multiple features such as clearing while sanitising the affected area, storing around a weeks' worth of waste and then auto sealing the bag inside upon removal of the collection chamber!

The surprising thing is, the majority of dog owners still have no idea that something exists to make this daily, unpleasant job easy and hygienic. A robot dooup would be quite a jump from the garden shovel or the hand in the bag method. For now, we need to spread the word and encourage as many people to join the dooup evolution as possible - then we can talk robots!!

Now that you're here, why not check out our fully working manual version here to see how effective it is.

If you have any questions, please feel free to check out our FAQs here or email us at info@thedooup.com

Now that we've officially entered rainy season, perhaps one of your questions is 'will it work in the rain, and clear from very wet grass and if the waste is soft?' The answer is - yes - it will clear soft and runny waste with some extra pushes of the lever and sometimes some repositioning. This is demonstrated on our support video which is also worth a look if you're considering purchasing.