3. Plan to keep as much of your doggy routine as possible. Note down your dog's main delights of the day and work it into a planned baby routine. New babies are a time stealer, so it is a good idea to prioritise those things you don't want compromised.

4. Cheat with technology - a few suggestions;

Invest in

1. Rather than filling your dog’s water bowl multiple times throughout the day, treat him (and yourself!) to an auto-fill water bowl or a pet fountain, which is convenient and fun for dogs, as well as cats.

2. Baby powder between baths will save you time and energy during such a life changing phase

3. Many sites will urge you to hire a professional pooper scooper to come round a few times a week. Naturally, I am going to suggest that a dooup for your garden is a much more convenient and cost effective option.

For example, you don't have to avoid your garden while you are awaiting your pro scooper visits. You can simply grab it- place it over waste, push lever, and this clever garden gadget does it all for you - clears and sanitises. Then, simply pop it back in position (away from small children), ready for use the next day.

I'm pretty sure those pro's won't be sanitising your lawn. And if you want a job done properly (and you will when the little one is crawling), then best to do it yourself with a dooup!